Thursday, February 28, 2013

It was a Get it Done FEB and March Goals

Wow! What a Wonderful February  - Here's a update to my February goals.

1. Figure out placement of blocks for Angel'a quilt  DONE  -  Bought more material & Selected a new star block
2. Sandwich the Christmas Wall Hanging.  DONE - and quilted & Finished it! Can you believe it? FINALLY Done!
3. Find backing fabric for Green and Brown quilt. Realized it's too small and put it aside to enlarge it. 
4. Continue working on my stocking.  DONE!

I just love saying DONE! 

And the  3 new BOMs
1. Terrier Town BOM  Yep - DONE!
2.  Blue BOM from LQS - Decided not to do it- honestly I just wasn't into it. 
3.  Sully Threads Jan BOM  DONE!

It was also my goal to work 20 minutes a day.  Which I did except for 3 days, one because I was sick, one I was at a quilt meeting, and the last one I was babysitting - too busy throwing a freebie and eating ice cream!

I loved doing the 20 minutes a day.  I was able to really enjoy my sewing and quilting each day.  

And now for MARCH

1. Complete the Star Block for Angela
2. Add white border to my CW quilt
3. Terrier Town BOM
4. Sulky BOM

And if I have time: figure out a border for the green/brown quilt.

Happy Stitching,
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  1. You have been working on some great projects. They are all pretty fun.

  2. Way to go with your goals! i try to stitch at least a little every day, but I don't seem to accomplish as much as you. Maybe you should come out and show me how it's done!

  3. I love the Christmas wallhanging, it looks so complicated!

  4. Cute projects you're working on. Thanks for linking up today.

  5. Good for you for getting so much done!

  6. Very productive month ... and way to stay on top of your goals!!!! :)

  7. You got a lot done!

    By the way, I've nominated you for a Liebster award:

  8. I love your idea of treating yourself to 20 minutes a day of sewing. I need to do that too!

  9. You have been busy busy! You inspire me to set aside a time frame each day just for sewing.

    Thank you for linking to my blog and joining the Monthly To Do List Party.

  10. Great job! You rocked it on that stocking, I must say!