Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Goals

The last two months I haven't posted my goals.  And it's a good thing too - cause I didn't complete what I would have listed. 

But now that it's November I think I'll make a list.  I know to keep it short - this is the start of the busy holiday season. 

#1 on my list - something fun!!!  The star for Angela's quilt.  
I have all the pieces cut out - now the hard part, finding them!!!

Okay and for goal #2:  Pillowcases - how easy is that?  I love doing pillowcases.
These are for the trailer - too cute. Right?

Goal #3  is Judy's UFO Challenge.  She picked #3 from the UFO List.  Which is the Christmas Tree wall hanging!  So appropriate to get done this month so that we can enjoy it next month!!  Thanks Judy!  (Now where did I put that????)

There.  That should do it.  A minimum of projects should help keep the stress levels down.  Last year at this time (and into December) I was finishing up two bed size quilts and didn't feel stressed.  But this year I would like to do some other projects and so I don't want to have too many sewing projects.

And what fun projects to you have waiting for you this month?



  1. Love your projects, Linda! Esp. fond of pillow cases, too. :o)

  2. Sounds like a pretty good list! Speaking of your camper, I saw your favorite Sturgis campground a couple of times last week and I thought of you!

  3. I need to make a list. I'm so far behind on everything!