Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We decide to take off and have a few days of fun.  We took off in our RV and stayed at the Wine Country RV Resort.

It was just as beautiful there as the above picture shows. (which is from the Wine Country RV Resort's website.)  I love when the trees turn colors!  I just didn't snap very many pictures.  Sometimes that happens to me.  I start having so much fun I just forget I have a camera.  
Another picture of the Wine Country RV Resort.
We went to a couple wineries.  I didn't find any wine I wanted to buy, but Mark did.  He bought a bottle and shared it with the other people we were camping with.   

These wineries really do up their places to attract customers.  So much fun! Check out this patio for BBQ's.   You just don't see something like this everyday.

Sorry for the shadows. I couldn't stand around all day and wait for the sun to move, I had wine to go taste!!  LOL!! 

Cool sun on the patio floor.

And here's the back wall..Oh and Mark of course!  He's from the school of "Pictures should always have people in them".  Even if the people are not smiling! Hehehe!

Sewing??  You want to talk about that?  I did some earlier in the week, but forgot to snap some  pictures! Hopefully tomorrow!


  1. How nice to get away and have too much fun to even take pictures. You'll still have the important memories without the pics. So how was the wine??

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures, it looks lovely there.... it's cold and foggy this morning so your pics cheered me up!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Wine places are very nice to visit the only problem is someone needs to be the designated driver.

  4. Oh Linda - you always make me smile! What a wonderful place! No waiting for the sun when there is wine to taste :)!! I'm with Mark, pictures need people (but with smiles)! Can't wait to see your sewing pictures!

  5. Looks like fun! I would love that. We like touring wineries. Which ones did you visit?