Friday, November 4, 2011

What I found.

I know I could be in there sewing away, having fun with my machine.  But I just can't do it.  I just think no - not right now.  I'll sew later.  But later has now become two weeks.  Yep, time flies when you not sewing as well as when you are.

So - then it becomes a bit hard to post on a my blog - hmmm.  I can't take picture of nothing!  LOL!!!

All that aside I do have something to show you. (No, not sewing - and no, not cupcakes! )

A really cool SALE!!  This is probably the best sale I've ever had.

Worst Cell phone picture ever - both fuzzy and boring! LOL
I needed a nightgown and got this one (combed cotton - so soft!) at JC Penny's.  It was on clearance from $38.00 to $15.20  BUT WAIT there's more!  We had a coupon for $15.00 off it you spent $15.00.  Total purchase 21 cents!!  

The sales girl said "Jerry has to get his one cent."  I was thinking Who's Jerry???  I don't know any Jerrys!  

Finally my husband asked. And sales girl - said Governor Jerry Brown.  Oh right!  I've just never heard that one - I really don't think about him.    But it was a bit funny trying to figure out what she was talking about.

Oh and the nightie fits really nice-  Looks much better on me!  LOL!!


  1. Awesome find! I love getting a grand bargain like that -- especially when it's something really nice or pretty that I *need*! :)

  2. Finding a bargain like that should make you all motivated and creative? No? Well, relax for the weekend. I'll still be following you until you post something quilty.

  3. That's got to be the best deal ever!

  4. Great story and a new nightie too. Guess we'll let Jerry have his penny.

  5. Wow that is a bargain. Err I don't believe that nightie looks better on you....I think we need to see photographic evidence... ROFL. xx

  6. Great bargain and a lovely nightie too.

    Check out my blog and see my new baby Linda!!

  7. Happened upon your blog and am enjoying your projects and photos. I'm quite impressed--you got your husband to use the sewing machine! Good man!
    best from Tunisia,