Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Switching from Sewing to Researching

I hate to do this but if I'm ever going to get that 1200 word paper written, (how many pages is 1200 words?) I have to quit spending time reading blogs, looking at quilts and fabric and yes writing on my own blog.  I have to do start doing some research on newspapers.  I had to pick a mass form of communication and I picked newspapers but what about them I really don't know.  (Unless there's a sale ad for fabric then I'll know all about it!  LOL!!)    So I'm thinking I'll write about how newspapers have changed over the years to stay in business.  We'll see if that is enough for my paper. 

But before I go away for a couple days - I sure hope it's only a couple days I'll tell you.  I've been practicing my quilting with the quilt along. And my thread keeps breaking.  The tension was awful with the cotton thread so I switched to silk thread.  Better tension but it continues to break.

And Hubby and I took my daughter and friend to Six Flags Magic Mtn for her birthday.  All those rides and roller coasters! 

Oh not for me.  I stayed firmly planted on the ground at the Valencia shopping market!  Yeah - that's right she rolled and I shopped, and ate and watched a movie with my hubby.  Then Sunday we had not cake but cheese marbled brownie with candles and singing.  We also had lots of balloons and water balloons and lots of fun.

And finally last night I made the Sweet Potato Biscuits from Patchwork Times.  I added a bit too much milk and remembered that I don't usually roll my biscuits but make drop biscuits.  So that extra milk was okay.

Even Serena liked them even though she hates sweet potatoes.  I didn't tell her that there were sweet potatoes in there!  Next time I'm going to try using pumpkin.  I think we would really like that. do you like my goodwill dish.  It even makes these drop biscuits look better.


  1. Good luck with your paper. I have a new book that's called's about how social media have changed the world (business, newspapers, etc.). It's very interesting! I love biscuits, so I really do want to try these.

  2. Have fun (?) with your paper!

    you could also include how NOT having newspapers would affect our lives in little ways. I have seen come cute cartoons with computers in the bottom of bird cages because there is no newsprint. :) Fish & chips?? what would they be wrapped in!?
    Enjoy your break.

  3. Get to work on that paper, so you can get back to blogging! I hope it doesn't take too long. We'll miss you.

  4. LOL good luck on the paper, but hey, 1200 isn't too bad! This last post of yours was about 350 words, so about the same as 4 posts? - Mary

  5. Good luck with the paper! It sounds like a lot of work!

  6. SheilaC made some interesting points. Good luck with your paper.