Friday, September 3, 2010

Salvation Army Coasters

I was on my way to get some school supplies for my daughter. And seeing the Salvation Army Store I just had to go in. I really don't know why, because NEVER buy anything. I'm really a very poor thrift store shopper.

So I'm just looking around and my husband calls: Where are you?
Me: Salvation Army looking at junk. (Right then I spot some coasters just like my mother used to have.)

These coasters - right here:
So I say:  Hey they have the same coasters Mom used to have when I was a kid.
Hubby :  Buy them.
Me:  You don't even know what they look like!
Hubby: Buy them.
Me:  We don't need coasters.
Hubby:  Buy them.  They must be a good price and they are worth a lot.

Oh! The light bulb goes off - he's already figured out they are antiques because if I was a kid, and I'm, well old, then so are they! 

So I bought them.  And I like them, after all Mom does have good taste. 


  1. Those are very cute and I'm glad you bought them! Me...I love to go to the thrift store, but not here...I never find anything. I go with my younger son to the stores in San Diego where he lives. Thanks for visiting my asked where I live that it's so hot...I live in beautiful(that's a joke) San Bernardino. This is typical for our weather for September, so I'm used to it! Have a great day...enjoy the coasters!

  2. They are fabulous and you are no where near old. Of course I haven't a clue how old you are, but if you are out buying school supplies then your daughter is still young and you must be as well. You can say your starting to get old when your daughter graduates from University. But that is just starting to get old.. ... hee hee hee

  3. They are gorgeous. It's so fun to find things like that, mainly from the memories they bring back. Have fun with them!