Monday, September 27, 2010

My quilt from A Few Scraps Quilt - along

Every chance I have I sit down and practice my quilting. I've mostly been quilting on the practice pads.  I really love it.  It's so relaxing.  Here's my project for A Few Scraps Quilt-along. 

The Back Side

The front side:  I knew to start in the center of the quilt.  So why did I start on the ends?  I still have the center to do.

The Whole Thing. 

And then we have Miss Neptune.  (Neptune is kind of a boy dog's name, but my daughter didn't care and named her that anyways.)

Check her out (not my husband's work yard - it's pretty sad.  We have a nice backyard with green grass, just not out this window) she's looking at a lizard.  She loves to chase them. 

Here's a bit of a close up. His underbelly side.  It started creeping me out so tried to get it off the screen but it wouldn't move.  I almost had to touch it to get it going and eventually he did run up the screen and out of site.  Eeek.


  1. I've been practicing quilting too. I agree about it being relaxing, I lose track of time when I'm sewing..I love that!

  2. Your quilt looks great! I am so far behind. I still need to get mine basted. Yes, I'm still back on that step. Good for you for keeping up, even with all your studying.

    We had a frog on our kitchen window doing this the other day. Freaked me out! I've seen lizards do this (my parents are in Arizona, and I see lizards all the time...they don't bother me). But a frog crawling up your window?! Ish.

  3. Ewww... a lizard! Have fun with your quilting.

  4. Your quilting is looking good, but that lizard? Yukk.

  5. Your quilting looks great :)

    What did Neptune think of that lizard! My Harry would probably have gone nuts to see that.