Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sewful Sister and Sewing Slump

Did you know that I've been having a sewing slump lately?  Maybe you could tell cause I haven't been posting much about my sewing.  Over the weekend I figured out one reason.  It's this Origin Quilt.  The Sewful Sisters decided to do a quilt using charm packs. Okay. Sounds good.  Until I started trying to sew it.  Just look at what a mess this is!  Yuk!   Just look at those sides not meeting up! 

The problem is that the yellow and white squares are cut too small because they were cut from the 5" charm squares to match up with the triangle square.   Well, no wonder I didn't want to work on this! 

So we had a Sewful Sister's meeting last night and guess what?  Other people had sewn their block and they were all even and looking great.  (Yikes the problem really is me!)  So they, being the nice people that quilters are, help me to sew a much smaller seam than 1/4.  And I actually started having fun.  

One more picture - just for the fun of it.
I really can't wait to get home and start sewing! See that sewing slump is gone.


  1. I'm glad your slump is over! We'll get back to sewing together!!

  2. Thank goodness the slump is over...I found you through BOM quilter...thanks for sharing!

  3. Sometimes that is what you need...some sewing pals to get you over the hump. Glad you got over it and are having fun again! I know the feeling.