Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CGQC finsh for Sept. Yea! One down...many more to go.

All of the Sewful Sisters promised we would finish piecing our tablecloths for tonight's meeting.  Here's mine! 

This was really quite a challenge to finish up.  I had all the block completed so Saturday meant squaring up those blocks and sewing on sashing.  But we all know it's never that simple.  For one thing these were the fabrics I bought Friday so that I could start sewing early Saturday.  Aren't they so pretty and go so well together?
But that dark didn't do what I wanted. (darn!)  First thing Saturday I needed to go to the fabric store and get ANYTHING that would be lighter.  Only Saturday morning found me helping my wonderful hubby do a little work. (That's not the way this is suppose to go!) Then he wanted to go by the Harley Shop. Okay the motorcycle ride and the donut were good but I ought to be shopping for fabric! 

So off to the fabric store we go and along the way we see a Farmer's Market.  Do you see the way this is going?  After the Farmers Market and a few pounds of fruit, we did make it to the fabric store.  I bought a lovely green from the Origins line.  Arriving home at lunch time our little daughter begged to go to Chick-Fil-A.  Who could say no to that?  We finally get back home around 1 pm and I started squaring up those blocks.  It was a typical "get up and sew first thing Saturday morning" with Saturday morning gone before I knew it. LOL!!!

The sun was shinning right on the fabric - so it's hard to see the blocks clearly.  It certainly brightens up our dinningroom.  I'm so please with it.  Tonight I'll see how the Sewful Sisters plan on quilting it.


  1. This cracks me up! Sounds just like our house! I can't even complain, because I love going to the Harley (or any other motorcycle shop) with my hubby, too! Your tablecloth looks great! Good job getting it done. Like we say at my house, GJWD. (good job well done)

  2. Very nice! And it sounds like you had a fun day, even though it didn't work out as planned.

  3. I thought your day sounded very typical, just think what a waste it would have been, had you not set aside that sewing time!!! I saw the Orgins line last week for the first time and fell in LOVE, it is so much prettier in person. Your table cloth looks great!!!

  4. You sure have been busy!!! wOw! I am glad you found some sewing time, your table cloth is beautiful :)