Thursday, July 11, 2019

At Long Last - Serena's Quilt is Finished

Good Morning,

I've been quite busy finishing this quilt, having company and having a bridal shower for Serena.

First up - Does anything feel better than a finished quilt? 
Only one that has a deadline to it.  And a Wedding is a big deadline. 
I would take pictures of my process - but then I would have to delete them before Serena could see them.  And then I wouldn't have them for a post!  I want to keep this as a surprise. 

I'm still a novice quilter.  I worried about that for a few minutes - and then figured it doesn't matter.  She will appreciate what I've done.  

My other daughter Angela had just bought some black fabric she didn't really want.  I asked for it and used that for the binding.  I was worried about how it would look.  I'm so used to seeing it without. But I think the black edging really pulls it together.  
Because the binding was just plain black fabric I could use a fancy stitch to completely apply the binding by machine.

  When I came to the corners as you can see here they got a little squirely.
Personally I'm okay with that.  
And my other comforting thought was - its just a blanket.  No one will see or care about the imperfections when it is cuddled up around them - or being used as a bed cover.
     Here's the back.  
I'm not sure I like doing a pieced back.  On this quilt I think it is okay. 
Cons: It was more work and time.
Pros:  It used up the rest of the fabric. Cost less than buying more fabric. 

Both Pro and Con:  Quilting on the back shows and doesn't show. 
Now I have a wedding dress to hem, my dress to alter and bags to make for the wedding.  

Wait - don't go yet!  I forgot to tell you.  I also after a LOT of debating and staring at the quilt decided to put their names & wedding date on the inside border.  So its there but not STANDING OUT & YELLING at someone.

Of course I took the picture before cleaning up the extra threads and chalk lines. 

And one last picture.  This is the only picture I took at the bridal shower.
My sweet little girl, Serena. 

Now I'm off to work. Stitching will have to wait til tonight.


  1. Serena's quilt is beautiful and I love the subtle names quilted right in. Enjoy all the wedding craziness!!

  2. Beautiful finish!! Love that you quilted the names on it. It’s really well done and I know it’s appreciated. 😊

  3. Serena's so cute and looks too young to be getting married!!!! Love her quilt and the way you put their names and date on it--way to go!!!
    enjoy, luv, di

  4. Serena's and Stephen's quilt is beautifully finished.
    Lovely photo of Serena...

  5. Look at that sweet photo of your Serena; how happy she looks! A most gorgeous quilt, Linda. The design is lovely as is the quilting. Love the touch of Serena and Stephen's names. They will both love this quilt stitched with much love.

  6. A great finish Linda and I do like a dark binding - it stops the eye drifting off into outer space! Great idea to decorate it too. What a pretty young lady. xx

  7. Oh my goodness WHAT a gift!!! Linda that quilt is just stunning and I adore the quilting, especially the names! Serena is a doll, I wish her a lifetime of happiness!!!

  8. The quilt turned out great! And I love that you put their names on it. Isn't it amazing how much that little bit of binding adds to a quilt?