Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Sunday I had a Meltdown

When Serena asked me to cut her wedding dress because it is too long I really didn't want to.  It is not her ceremony dress. She will be wearing this dress that her Grandmother-in-law wore, then her mother-in-law and now her. 
It is beautiful!  
I'm so happy she is wearing a dress that is handed down, keeping the tradition going.  However, it is so old and the lace rips so easily that she decided she needed to l wear a different one to dance and enjoy the reception. 

On Sunday I hated cutting the lace.  I was stressed to do a good job, the TV was on a bit too loud and then Bruce started joking around.  
I always love his joking, but Sunday I was too stressed. I tried to stay calm and told him, I can't handle him joking, the TV and cutting the dress.  And then burst into tears! 

Poor new husband was so confused, asked me what he did wrong and I told him it was just the dress - I was so stressed over cutting it.

He told me that Serena was so easy going she would not be upset if I ruined it. Then gave me some good suggestions, one being that I should mail it to her (she is in Colorado) as soon as I finished it.  It had been the plan to give it to her the day of the wedding.  But his idea is so much better.

This is her dress - I cut off the front flowers and 12 inch train in the back.
and trimmed it up nice and even.
She will get it on Thursday. 
I'm biting my nails until then.  Hahaha 
Also on Sunday, Bruce bought the suit to walk her down the aisle. 
 He wanted to wear tan or green.  NO - Serena put her foot down ahead of time. NO WAY! She knows how he is with colors.  
 The bridesmaids are wearing floral dresses, and groomsmen floral ties. Bruce said no he doesn't wear flowers! Until I found him this tie.  
Yes - another score for Serena.   

So now I have to hem his pants and add buttons for the suspenders. I don't want to pay the extra for someone else to do that.  I need to hem my dress.  Alter the bodice of Angela's dress and maybe hem some bridesmaid dresses.  Those are my goals for July, not quilting ones this time.  

Happy Stitching (without tears!),


  1. Oh I fully understand how stressed you'd be..It's a stressful time, not only fixing the dress but all that goes with a daughter's wedding.
    Bruce did a good job understanding after you explained.. The dress looks lovely now.
    Bruce's suit looks great and the tie is perfect.
    Try to relax now the big jobs done... hugs

  2. I fully understand your stress. Whenever someone asks me to 'alter' something that belongs to them, I hate doing it. I don't want to inadvertently ruin it, so I procrastinate! If I ruin my own things, that's okay though cos I can live with that.

    Anyway, all will be fine!

  3. What an absolutely stunning dress that heirloom is! Oh and the dress you altered is so pretty too. Oh how I hate to alter other peoples clothes - I can quite see why you were stressed over this important dress. Sounds like you have a lot of hemming coming up - good luck. xx

  4. Weddings can be stressful at times. I love that Serena is wearing a dress that has been loved and worn by others. You did a fabulous on the alterations. The dress is gorgeous.

  5. That first dress is gobsmackingly gorgeous!!! What a treasure!! And how smart to change after the ceremony - you did a fantastic job on the second dress, well done! I have nothing but pure admiration for anyone who can do that. I can't do garments for any amount of love or money!

  6. I know it caused a lot of extra work, but what a great idea to have two dresses. THe Ceremony dress is amazing, and it's awesome that she wants to preserve it! When is the wedding?