Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day - This and That

First I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

As you know I have not been doing ANY sewing.  Nope - not one little bit.
So this post is going to be about just bits and pieces of what's been going on.

We have been doing puzzles.  Most of my family loves doing puzzles. 
 But there are a few that do not.
And for them - I leave the last few pieces.
Come to find out Bruce is great at puzzles. YAY!!  Big plus there.  I told you he was a keeper. He did most of the puzzle.  I don't think he understood my method of letting someone do the easy - satisfying part so that I can get them interested.
Serena and I just had to do this Harley-Davidson one. (I think we were missing Mark.) Mark had helped us before, and doing it a second time made it was much easier. 

This morning I found this picture of Serena and her Dad. So Cute!
My Love Mark with our little girl, Serena

Okay - back to the present. 

Everyday I do something on that wedding and let me tell you, I'm sick of it.
I do have most of it together. (Sort of)
I have my veil hanging in the bathroom to steam it out.
See that cute pink hand towel.  It's really a dish towel that I received from Marilyn of Mountain Top Spice during the Teacup Exchange.

The part of the wedding I do like is the flowers - that part I love.

Quite a few years ago Mark and I drove to Mexico - we bought this arbor.
Well....before Bruce asked me to marry him, he asked if Mark and I had gotten married under it.  I said no.  See, he was already thinking of asking me and planning the wedding, but I was clueless. 
This is the arbor as I was trying different elements on it.

Bruce had wanted ivy.  Oh my gosh - I tried that and it screamed 70's CHEAP VEGAS WEDDING. I didn't think to take a picture - but it was bad.
Back to the store I went and picked up some hanging white flowers. (Do I need to tell you I have never put together flowers before?  Yeah - I thought you could tell.)
Much better.  This is just the idea of what it will be.
 My idea was to  put it in the garage and decorate it in case of rain.
Only it didn't fit.  It was taller than the garage ceiling!! Wah, wah, waaah.
I guess I'll be doing that later.

 I put some of those fake flowers in the basket of the bicycle.
Test run of a fake flowers
And once the yard is cleaned up - mulch put around, I'll add some real and fake flowers to the yard.
The picture above is going to make a great "before" picture.

I took this picture while at the zoo.  Such lovely black neck swans. (Making a heart!)

So that's it for today.

Happy Valentines Day,


  1. I think your wedding is going to be beautiful, and I think the arbor is a great idea. I love the way you have it decorated now. Remind me again when the big day is?

  2. You do make me giggle, Linda...such a fun post. I love the are going to have a beautiful wedding. Wouldn't a pair of those gorgeous swans look perfect in the wedding....I don't suppose you could borrow a few. :)

  3. Hi Linda, your wedding is going to be lovely - that arbor is gorgeous - just what our daughter was looking for, for her wedding a few years ago! It sounds like it's approaching pretty quickly...? Have fun with the plannin (I'm not surprised there's no time to sew!)

  4. Your wedding will be lovely - and so close now! I love the arbor; so so pretty x

  5. Thank you for including your long distance friends in your wedding plans..It does sound like Bruce is definitely a keeper. You are blessed. Puzzles are fun, it is something many in Wisconsin do in the winter when it is too cold to enjoy outside activities. Love and prayers as you continue to plan for your special day.

  6. Wow it's coming up quick - the arbor looks amazing, I'm sure everything is going to be gorgeous hon, take some time to breathe and enjoy the process, ok? Big hugs!!!!

  7. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!Thanks for sharing.