Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More this and that

In Marzipan news. 
Apparently, she had been watching The Grinch that stole Christmas.
She ran in the house the other day looking like this. 
Yes - Sweetie, you do look like a reindeer.

When we were in China, of course we went to the Great Wall.
It was beautiful in person.  Since it was off season & school is in session, there were not many people.  It was wonderful.  There were about sixteen of us there at the wall.
I walked (I mean climbed those stairs) all the way from the bottom where those people are teeny - tiny dots.  I was breathing hard too!  Hahaha
I did it with just my daughter Serena - and will always be super special for us. 
Here's Serena posing at a Look-Out. As we were climbing the steps, they were all different heights. Some steps were 8 inches and some were 24 inches tall.  So maybe three short 8 inch steps, then two 24 inch steps, then a 10 inch.  It was so steep going up.  

On the tour we took in China - they took us to places and then would charge American prices for things.  Like a boat trip around the lake for $65 American dollars each! It was a big boat/ship, and two-story. Well, we all know everything in China is actually cheaper. I thought it was a rip-off.  We declined.  They must have asked us 5 times!  We kept saying no.

Well, when we got to the lake we saw these little 4 man boats.  Oh my gosh so cute! And for only $6.00 for an hour! We went out in the lake with it.  Serena was driving it, Angela was rocking the boat, Rosanna and I were just laughing!  
And the lake was so beautiful and peaceful.
It was a blast just being the 4 of us.  
When it came time to disembark - we couldn't get out!  We had to (embarrassingly and literally) roll out of the boat!  We laughed so hard and the boatman laughed most of all watching us roll onto the deck.  

China had some interesting things for sale.  
Like these Baby Buddha fruit.  Just so shocking.  LOL
I did not try one -  just wasn't in the mood to eat someone's face.

Well, enough for now - maybe I'll have more later.



  1. Great stories! And such great memories for you and your girls. What a wonderful trip to take with them. That little boat looks like fun. And I'm not sure if I could eat a baby Buddha either.

  2. LOL at that sweet little puppy face - bringing home foliage for you! What GREAT memories of China you have. Really glad you found a smaller boat to go on, rather than the touristy one. What a fantastic trip!!!!

  3. That looks like such an amazing trip - and good timing for it to not be too busy! x

  4. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!Thanks for sharing.