Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Word Up 2018

I do like doing Word Up,  
where one choses a word to focus on for the year.

I haven't noticed that many people doing it this year.  Maybe the fad is waning.  I promised myself I would get this post written in January - so seeing that this is the last day of January....I better get this post done.

My word for this year is:

Drum roll please.
  (Oh Word up is not that exciting?  Okay cancel the drum roll.)


This has been something that I try to do - give God my life and do his will. There have been a lot of changes these past two years - I've grown used to the way things are.  After Bruce asked me to marry him, and I said I would, I started thinking about what a great change this would make in my life. (Change can be scary.)
Right then the DJ said something about "Surrender to God".  I knew right then this is my Word for the year. 

I'm going to surrender to God this new adventure in life.  And each aspect of this adventure - from preparing for the wedding, dealing with relatives, to adjusting to another person's ways, finances, chores etc. etc. 
Of course when you surrender to God - you are trusting God to take care of you, and that He will work all things together for good.    

A final thought on Surrender

Happy Stitching,


  1. Excellent choice. Loved the last idea you had - surrender to God or Batman. LOL My word for 2018 is Focus, which I'm revisiting from a few years ago. I am normally a very linear person, but my creative life has become very scattered so - I need to regain my Focus.

  2. That is the scary part, having the faith that God will take care of you. We love to see where we are stepping BEFORE we step! :-) Like the hymn "Lead kindly Light", right? I hope this is a wonderful year for you, full of happiness as you surrender to our Heavenly Father. Hugs, H

  3. Love your word. Especially your description, I think of the old hymn, "I Surrender All." One of our pastors talked a few years ago about giving things to God "Palms Down." When you give something to someone you hand it to them. So often when giving something to God we take it back..We say we are giving it to Him, yet take it back and hold on. He had us all hold our hands out in front of ourselves and place our palms up. Then he said to turn them over. You can no longer hold onto something if your palms are down. I think of it as the same as surrendering. I will be holding you in prayer. P.S. My word is "Hope."

  4. I love that - what a great word!!! I used to do the Word Up thing, but stopped when I couldn't remember my word after a month.
    I remember reading a Christian author from the last century. She said we trust our mattresses to not dump us on the floor while we're sleeping, we don't lay awake all night holding ourselves up off the floor by sheer willpower. We trust the train to get us from one point to another, we don't try to drive it. And that's the way we are to trust God. It just made so much sense to me, and I found it easier to surrender that sense of needing to be in control.

  5. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!Thanks for sharing.