Monday, July 24, 2017

Ocean Waves

I didn't think doing this foundation piecing would be hard. 
that was before...I really dove in.
When I went to look at the instructions in the magazine - where is nothing about what size pieces to use for each section.  Also I couldn't understand what she was saying - it was so confusing in my mind.

I sat down with my fabric - thought about it - and laid the foundation piece right side down. Then my fabric on top right side up.  Flipped it over.  Okay - now we are getting some where.  I figured it out and sewed a few pieces.  

Then went to YouTube and watched a bit of a video to confirm it.  Darn that video was 9 mins. long and I couldn't wait that long! So after getting my confirmation that I was on the right track I made one block.

Yeah BABY!
Now that's a wave!

I made note what size was needed for each fabric piece, cut a bunch of pieces and made another wave block.
Now I have waves!

Those blocks took a long time.  But now that I have a system (and cut pieces) it should go quicker.   My third block took ONE hour.  And I haven't even ripped the paper out.  But the thing is we are suppose to be having fun.  And I AM!
Can you feel that ocean rolling in?  

Okay - let's go sew,
Happy Linda


  1. Beautiful colors! I've never wrapped my head around the paper piecing thing Mine always turns out backwards. Whatcha making?

  2. First of all, I love your blog background with the sand castle and palm tree. So cute!! Your colors in the block really do make me think of the water in the Caribbean. Nicely done.

  3. I love your blocks! You are brave taking on the foundation piecing. I have been struggling with the foundations myself. I have made several blocks from a pattern in a magazine, and each time I do one I have to watch the youtube videos! I consider it honing my patience skills!!!

  4. those look really good! I tried doing that block without foundation piecing and it was certainly hard: I think I'd better try it with the foundation piecing. That was something I tackled years ago before I heard that it was supposed to be hard, so I just kept at it till I got it. :-) Once you get the concept, it's actually easy. I love the way it is so accurate! Cute new blog sidebars!! Love it!!
    Hugs, H

  5. I have never tried foundation piecing. Your ocean blocks look wonderful. I love the fabrics you have chosen.

  6. Oh what gorgeous WAVES in perfect water fabrics...Well done ...

  7. I like that you are having fun with paper piecing--I have with some and then haven't with others!! Love those ocean waves--I jut might have to make me some!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  8. Beautiful colours and waves. Glad you stuck with it - I probably would have shoved it in a corner if it took too much puzzling! x

  9. I cannot wrap my head around paper piecing, I'm so impressed with these I can't even tell you. And I adore your turtles!!!!!!