Friday, July 7, 2017


Oh Goodie it's FNWF time again.

I have good company on the internet sewing and creating away,
and at home with all these turtles swimming around.

I love diving into my threads - I love picking the best color.

Come here Little Turtle - it's your turn to be stitched! 
My co-worker suggested that I put this quilt in the County Fair.  Hmmm...that would require me actually WORKING on it and FINISHING it by August!  Of this year!
I may accept that challenge.  

UPDATE:  I had a wonderful time stitching these up.
Funny thing, I couldn't remember how to do a zigzag stitch in my machine. What the what??? I had to get out the manual. (Oh brothers!). 

Also I did finish up the Bralette in the month of June.   
But honestly, I'm not happy with it.  I didn't use the correct lace - Joann's didn't have it. I cut it too big, then too small, added fabric, recut it to fit.  And then just I don't know...just didn't like it.

And I worked with my new Clarity Clear Ruler Foot.
It was so easy to put on and use.  I did use this Thang - because that's what one does when they are too excited to wait for a ruler that is sitting only two feet away.  Hahaha   I did also used that real ruler. The Clarity Clear Ruler is easy to get the hang of.  

Okay - can you stand just one  more picture?
I love having Serena in my life - look what fun things she does to our dog.  Purple feet!

Happy FNWF Stitching,


  1. May I assume that the dog's feet match Serena's hair? Quite cute, by the way. You store your thread the same way I do! One big jumble. But it's all handy when I'm looking for a certain color. Your turtles are sure to win an award if they make it to the fair!! Get busy. I'll be stitching with you tonight.

  2. Loving those Turtles.. You will get them done in time for the fair.. Just go girl..
    Oh how cute is the wee dogs purple feet...LOL

  3. Such amazing turtles. I have every faith that you will have them done in time for the fair. Such funky feet for your dog! x