Thursday, July 27, 2017

I really have to laugh at myself

 I didn't leave fabric for my seam allowance between the blocks!
 I just cut on the line like I thought I should.

You know, I probably should have watched the last 5 mins of that tutorial video.  Or maybe I should have actually read the instructions in the magazine. 

So who's happy they have a brand spanking new seam ripper?
This girl!  Hahaha I was removing the four outer corners, (which I will replace with larger pieces thank goodness I don't have to re-do the whole blocks) I sat and watched foundation piecing tutorials.  How ironic is that?  

The first video I had watched (and didn't finish) said to crease along the fold line that way you know where to place your fabric, which really worked for me.   
With that crease I knew exactly where to place my next piece of fabric. 
Another video suggested the "Add 1/4 inch ruler" to cut the extra fabric.
I liked that idea - but I don't have that ruler 
and I have already got used to using scissors. 

I finally convinced my daughter and son-in-law to leave me with Elora.  She's almost over 5 months and this is the first time she has left her anywhere.

You know I enjoyed her!

It's rather warm hot here and one day I came home to this.
Hahaha - Silly dogs. 

Okay now it's time to go sew...
Happy Linda


  1. I was doing a reindeer head block today--and I kept getting his antlers going in the wrong directions--out came the 'ripper'!!!
    cute blocks--that baby is the cutest!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. See, I told you I'm not smart enough for paper piecing! Love that baby face!!

  3. Paper nemesis!!! I am not (ahem) cut out for that. I still try though, especially since I have 20 or so more blocks to do that have paper piecing for the bottom half of the block. Hang in there!

  4. I shudder to think of how many times I've done that, lol!!!! Not while paper piecing, can't get my head around it at all, but I do it a lot. Elora is adorable!!!! And those dogs are too funny!

  5. Elora is such a dolly!

    My seam ripper and I have become good friends lately. I've gotten lazy about reading directions. It's good to know most everyone does the same thing once in awhile.

  6. LOL I'm also shocking at not reading instructions and then have to re do things....
    How cute is Elora... I'm sure she was really happy being with Grandma..
    Great doggy pic..

  7. You sound just like me with starting before I have read all the instructions. Thank goodness for seam rippers. Your Elora is so very sweet. I did giggle at the photo of the looks as if they are completely worn out.