Friday, May 8, 2015

Sometimes life is overwhelming

Do you ever have so much stuff going on it becomes overwhelming?

Yeah, that's where I've been.  When I was younger I used to make lists.  I was so organized and so good at getting things on my list completed.  Well, one day I thought, I'm not living my life this way!  So I threw out my lists.  However, when I get overwhelmed - I revert back to my list making ways.   Lately, I've been wanting to make a list - so I know I'm in trouble.  I decided I just had to take the bull by the horns and get some of these repairs on the house completed.  (This is usually my husband's job - but he's not been well.)  

Oh and you know  - when it rains it pours - so of course everything starts to break down  at once.

First thing I did was wash my windows.  Yes, a clean and bright view of the world helps.   

Next it was time to care for the lawn. We need a new sprinkler timer - ours is kaput.
 I found and bought a Rainbird timer. We are living in droughtland (another made up word) and if you water on the wrong days - a fine can be issued.  I'm not taking any chance with that.  
So yesterday we had someone come out and change out the broken one.  And raise the one in the backyard from 1 ft high up to eye level.  I used to have to squat to read it.  How silly is that?
I'm much happier.

And we bought a low profile box spring. Sound like nothing but our bed is higher than my legs.  I'm tired of jumping onto the bed.
Not me and hubby - this pic is from Pinterest - life

So a cool $300.00 later - YIKES!  (includes delivery) and we will both be able to get on our bed.  

Next I found FINALLY some ice cube trays.  
I've been looking for months!!  Yes, really for months.  Walmart has been out and every other store has been too.  I found some today at the local grocery store.  

I've also been looking for a new ceiling fan, for a new oven, which I bought but pipes didn't fit my kitchen and had to be sent back.  Also some pull out drawer for the pans in the kitchen.   Like these - 

And mostly I've been shopping for a new sewing machine.  What a chore that is!  
It seems my Babylock is too old to fix - I'll take it to one more repair shop.  And if they can't fix it...well it will be curtains for it.

Happy Stitching,


  1. My goodness, girl - that's a heckuva long list! It must feel good to have so much accomplished, though. I hope you get your sewing machine issues solved soon, one way or another. Life without a sewing machine is not a pleasant thought.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading your list! Will you please take a break??? :)

  3. Hpefully getting these things out of the way will help you feel a bit more onto it! Hope you have fun looking for a new sewing machine :-)

  4. Woww you have been busy. What a chore the last bit of shopping, ie for a new sewing machine, must have been. I hope you've found one?