Thursday, May 28, 2015

Which Sewing machine should I buy?

I haven't done much sewing - my sewing machine needs to be replaced. UGH!!

I'm debating on buying a used Janome 6500 or spending a couple hundred more and getting a Janome S5.  I'm sure there are other good machines out there - but we don't have any sewing machine stores in my area.  Although I could take a road trip.  

 The Janome 6500 is through a friend and I went to the Fresno Sewing Expo and saw the Janome S5.

Anyone have any thoughts?

My list of needs are:
Drop in bobbin
Auto cut button
Auto threader
Price around $1000.00 or so...

And I want it to sew each and every time smoothly - no nests underneath.

I've been stitching a bit on my bird.  

Today is the Last day of School - is there anything sweeter to a kid?

Last day of School equals First day of Summer.  At least it did to me when I was a kid. 
They handed out awards at school today.

Award Winning Violet:
Fastest Runner in the Class!
And Principal's List

Award Winning Scarlett
First Place in Science:
And Principal's List

And the award for wearing the correct color goes to
Doesn't she look good in that yellow dress next to the yellow flowers?

Happy Stitching,


  1. Sorry, I don't know anything about Janomes. I agree with your important features, and would suggest one more. Do either or both have 'Needle Down"? THat's super important to me. Good luck with your decision. And congrats to your girliesl.

  2. I've owned Bernina for the last 42 years and love them. Do you have any quilt shows that you can attend anywhere near you? That is a great place to go because there are usually a number of dealers at them and you can "test drive" many machines on the same day. I'd think about going to Road to California in Ontario, but that won't be till next January. Many guilds hold shows where dealers have a booth and you might find one that will be alot sooner than January. I know that once in awhile a quilt magazine will put out an article where they compare different machines to each other. I'll tell you, I wouldn't buy one without a good test drive though: my sister bought an expensive Viking or Pfaff and is very disappointed that the fabric wants to be sucked down into the throat plate each time she starts a new seam. Don't rush: Try, try, try!!! If I find my magazine with the comparison article I'll copy it and send it to you. Hugs, H