Monday, May 18, 2015

FNSI - Friday Fun Update

I had a good time Friday Night sewing - unfortunately I couldn't post about it as my computer was acting up.

Here's my update: 
I found a box marked "Turtle Quilt".  What a mess of crumpled fabrics and two pattern pieces.  One cut to size and one that needed 1/4 added. Only - they were not marked that way.  So after sewing up on turtle, I realized that error and labeled the patterns.

I also figured out how many turtle shells I needed and got those cut out.  It went licky-spilt since I cut several fabrics at once.  

I have all the shells cut - and a couple blocks made.
It's a good start.  

I've taken my machine in to another repair shop. 
I sure hope this guy can do it.

Happy Stitching


  1. What cute turtles! I hope you get your machine fixed soon. How aggravating.

  2. I really like your turtles! I hope the new repair guy works out for your machine!!!

  3. Those turtles are just gorgeous....

  4. Glad you made it in the end - they are gorgeous!!

  5. Oh my goodness those are so cute!! I hope your computer and sewing machine behave themselves from here on out!

  6. My first words were just like Allie's "Oh My Goodness!" LOL those are going to be the best little turtles Linda! Love the fussy cut shells you did. It's always like that for me too when I dig out some old project I put away. At the time you have it all fresh in your mind and know what to do, but years later... look out!

  7. This is going to be such a fun quilt! I love turtles!