Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Finish WHOOHOO! & Finish Along Quarter 3

Have you ever heard the sayings "Life's grand if you don't weaken"?  I had a boss, Barbara, that would say that - and honestly, it didn't do much for me. 
As I'm looking back at my Finish Along Quarter 3 Goals  I keep hearing her voice - saying it.
For this finsih - it's so true! 
I had the hardest time adding borders (and thereby changing the design) to this quilt. 
 I'm really happy with the borders, thanks everyone for the advise and help. And then I used spray stuff instead of pinning - no that didn't work for me. So quilting it was frustrating! (I didn't smooth out the quilt for this picture.)
But in the end the binding was so fun to put on.
And I'm happy with my quilt.
And so is Miss Neptune - Look at her hiding!
You know she's thinking - "If I lie still - Mama won't see me on the new quilt".  I'm naming this "Where's Neptune?"

So that makes 2 finishes for me for The Littlest Thistle -Finish Along (3rd Qtr):
"Where's Neptune?" and my "Flower Wreath". 

Thanks Katy for hosting!

Happy Stitching,



  1. I love the design and colors in this quilt! and what a great way to finish the binding ~ I've never seen that done before (I may have to try it!)

  2. What a clever way of doing your binding.

  3. That decorative stitch on the binding is such a clever and sweet little detail! Great finish! Congratulations!