Monday, July 14, 2014

July Goals, Hopes & Dreams

I haven't made a list of goals in the longest time.

I wanted to get away from the pressure of "having" to sew. But I'm thinking I would like to this month/quarter.

So - here's my list.

Finish my table topper.

Then which ever of the following jumps up and says Sew me! Sew me! the loudest will get my attention.

This one just needs to be quilted.

 Complete the border for this one.

Get this one together - needs blocks and a setting.
Can we say Let's Get Busy?
Linking up to The Little Thistle - Finish Along 3rd Quarter


  1. I like your attitude - whichever jumps out at you, you will sew :-) Yep, get busy and enjoy it!

  2. Lovely projects in progress..

  3. Good luck with it all! Do hope you managed a bit! I am hopless, always planning and very seldom finished what I wanted. Thanks a lot for you nice comment on my blog :-)