Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happily Quilting my Swirls when...

I was having a blast quilting my wallhanging
when it happened.
Well I knew this day would come.  Really, I knew it but hoped it wouldn't.
My lovely Babylock Machine is at the repair shop.
These computerized machines are not like those old er ... vintage metal ones - there's more to go wrong with these.  All those bells and doodads, which I admit I just love.  My connector from the foot pedal to the machine broke.  So - not the worse thing in the world.  I can still run it from the buttons on the machine but doing free motion quilting (which requires two hands) and having to use a hand to start, stop and adjust the speed is pretty darn tricky. 
So off the the repair shop it went today.  I should be getting it back tomorrow - so how can I complain. Right?
Wrong!  Wah Wah Wah!!  I want to quilt on my wallhanging.
I think my quilting swirls look a little childish. However, I feel very confident that I'll improve over time.  So in the meanwhile, I'm going to just love my work. 
Happy Stitching,
Linda - who will be reading! LOL


  1. You have my sympathies. I've been there and it's SO frustrating, especially when it's looking so good.

  2. sorry! I think your quilting looks fantastic. I would never try anything so intricate. Can't wait to see it finished. Do you have a good book?

  3. I think your quilting looks brilliant. I could never, ever do anything like that I know.

  4. I'm with Sunny and think your quilting looks fabulous..
    Wish it only took a day for me to get my machine fixed. First I need to do a four hour drive to the city and then they want my machine for at two weeks.. :(

  5. I've been there. I now have two sewing machines just in case. Your swirls look great.

  6. I think your swirls look whimsical and they go well with your whimsical flowers. =)