Friday, August 1, 2014

Done and Done (Flower Wreath Wall Hanging)

 I'm Done! I'm Done! I'm Done!!!
(Can you tell I'm excited?) And I've even turned in my entry form to the County Fair.
May I say there is just nothing like having a finished project to make you want to run down to the Quilt Store and buy 10 more projects!
I totally loved doing the swirls on the little quilt.  I'm still surprised.  When I originally started making quilts I did not even want to learn to free motion quilt much less do something intrique like that.
I have go now and blask in the joy of my finished project. 
Before I leave - here's a picture of Little Baby Lily and her cat, Hobbs.

Happy Stitching
and Kitty Cuddling if you've got one.

P.S.  This is one of my goals for Finish Along Qtr 3 (Yea!) 


  1. LOL! So have you purchased the 10 new projects yet? Your quilting is amazing, and you have every right to be proud of yourself. Have a stitchy weekend.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous, but the pictures of Lilly and Hobbs cuddling ... PRICELESS !!

  3. Your Mini looks fabulous and your quilting is great.
    What an adorable photo of lily and Hobbs...

  4. Your wall hanging is just gorgeous. The swirls quilting is amazing.....and li'l Baby Lily is cute, cute, cute!

  5. Your hanging is wonderful, and the bows were absolutely the right finishing touch.

    The photos of Lily and her cat Hobbs are just adorable.

  6. I love your little all hanging. Looks wonderful.And the little baby loves the cat ;-)

  7. So colorful! Gorgeous. So cute the baby and the cat.
    Love from Amsterdam!