Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stuck - Stuck - Stuck

I love this quilt -
(you could tell a "but" was coming couldn't you?)
But I'm STUCK.  I may love the simplicity of this quilt but I need it to be bigger to be more useful.
It has set in my drawer for years waiting for an answer.
Borders?  No Borders and live with it being too short?  It's 50 by 60.
This morning I was working on it before going to work. 
And yes, that is my foot. :-)
Neptune came over and laid on it.  I didn't see her and accidentally stepped on her nose.  Yikes!!  No more quilts the same colors as my doggies!
She wasn't hurt, thank goodness. 

Help!  What are your thoughts?

Hanging by a Thread,


  1. I don't suppose you have more fabric, and could add another row or two? If not, how about a very narrow border of the darker color, and then as many borders as you need to get it to the size you want. Just make sure they don't match the dog. LOL!

  2. I think that last picture with the narrow green inner border and wider tan border looks dynamite.

  3. border it and call her done. love the green and tan border idea

  4. Border it and move on to a larger project would likely be what I'd do.

  5. Add another border and applique leaves or something in similar colours onto that border?