Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Improvements

Every year for the past 10 years we have made a home improvement on our house.
I really wanted to plant some fruit trees - but it's the wrong time of year.
One of the problems with our house is from day one the coloring on the bottom of the house is off color.   This is the outside of the house next to the garage door.
The Builder had repainted it 3 times - and each time it ends up being discolored again.
So our solution and home improvement for this year is to add

this stone work. 
(you can see where it is being held up by some extra stones until it's dried)

I love the way it looks!



  1. That looks nice! I would think tree planting season would be coming up soon in your area. No?

  2. That's a very clever solution to the problem.

  3. Are those your chameleons? They are adorable! I want one...or ten.
    Love your home's very classy!

  4. A perfect solution! I love the stonework!