Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Your Opinion Please - Round or Oval Eyes?

 I’ve been working on the baby quilt Cat in Pajamas.  It’s coming along nicely don’t you think?


I found the pink background fabric in my stash – I don’t know where it came from.  I know I didn’t buy it.  As I began using it I noticed it was fraying.  Because of that I  know it’s not 100 percent cotton so I’ve been zigzagging all the seams.  I hope that works.  I had all the cat blocks completed when I saw the fraying. So we’ll see how long this quilts lasts.  I hope my daughter enjoys it and uses it.

It’s time to do their little faces and I would like your opinion – The pattern called for buttons – but since buttons are supposed to be a no – no for babies I thought I would applique on some eyes. 

Should I use the round eyes?

Or should I use the oval eyes? 
Thanks and Happy Stitching,


  1. I like the oval eyes. Such a cute quilt.

  2. Gotta go with the oval eyes! Very cute.

  3. Very cute - a shame about the fraying so I hope the zig-zag works. I think the oval eyes as well :-)

  4. Oval eyes definitely gets my vote too. This is a really cute little quilt.

  5. Oval eyes has it for me. Cute cat quilt.

  6. Cute quilt -- oval eyes are more cat-like, I vote for them.

  7. Oval eyes! They seem to give more personality. Cute quilt!!!

  8. The oval eyes do it for me!! Cute, cute quilt!!