Tuesday, January 21, 2014

KitKat - My Little Joy

This past weekend has been a real dozy.
On Saturday my little doggie died.
I’ve been really sad as she was just a joy.
First let me tell you that when KitKat was born, she was the tiniest little thing.
When my sister saw her she said – you are keeping this one.  I said no – I want to sell her.  (At that time I was showing dogs and didn’t plan to keep her.)
However, when it came time to sell her I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t!  A lady had come to buy one of the puppies, she wanted her. She kept offering more and more money – she was upping the price by $100.00s.  I just couldn’t let her go.  I didn’t want to keep her but I couldn’t let her go.  I think God knew what was best for KitKat and me.
So I named her KitKat since her mother’s name is Sugar.  I took her into the show ring – she was so happy and fun.  The judge told me that she would have won first place but she was so happy she couldn’t stand still.  Yep, that was my happy girl!  She did end up winning several blue ribbons later. (EDITED: Because it was asked I will add that KitKat is a Rat Terrier.  She was shown UKC.  AKC does acknowledge the breed under FSS Misc.) 
She was always doing silly things – once my daughter and I were discussing all the silly things she does – when she stuck her head into a McDonald’s cup and got it stuck on there!  We burst out laughing.
I did attempt to crate train her.  As you can see she had other ideas.  She didn't mind being in the crate as long as it was on her terms. She chewed out the back of it and then proceeded to sleep in it anyway!   
She was really good.  She did have one annoying habit – she barked when people  came to the door.  She barked and wouldn’t shut up –  one day I realized she was saying Hi! Hi! Hi!  Only to us it was Arf, Arf Arf!  As soon as we said hi or hello to her she would be quiet and just wag her tail.
She wasn’t much a swimmer – but she loved sitting on the first step of the pool and chilling out.  We had to be careful because several times the floatie came by and she climbed on it and floated out into the middle of the pool.  We had to go out and rescue her.   She loved when we emptied our pool and she was able to see the water going down, down, down.  She would run out and check the level of the water every ½ hour or so.  She loved that she could run around at the bottom of the pool area.
When she was young, we sat down for dinner at the table and she jumped on the extra chair – she had to lift her chin a bit to see over the table.  She was so adorable, I turned to my husband and said, “She’s so cute I can’t tell her to get down.  So if you want her down, you’ll have to tell her.”  He didn’t say a word.  So she sat with us through dinner for many years.  We didn’t feed her at the table so she often fell asleep with her little chin on the table. 
The thing about KitKat is that she was so much like me.  She would wake up happy in the morning, excited to meet the day, just couldn’t wait to go do something fun and then faded as the day when on.
I could barely get my fabrics cut when making a quilt (I cut on the floor) because she wanted to lay right next to me on my fabric.  Yep right on  the fabric I was cutting. 

I am really so grateful to her for being my little dog, for providing me with so much enjoyment and love.
Oh I forgot to tell you, she also had a baby right in my bed as I was sleeping!  I had a little bed for her by my bed but I fell asleep and I woke up to a little mew sound, and found a little puppy by my feet, between my sheets! 


She was really my baby and really a great joy in my life.  I love her and I’m going to miss her.
And if you really want to get a strange look, tell someone you are looking for your dog and then call out KIT KAT!!  They will be confused wondering are you looking for a dog, a cat?
Kit Kat on our daily walk.


  1. Kit Kat sounds like the perfect pup. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. Awwww. I'm so sorry for your loss. Kit Kat sounds like the best little doggy around. I loved reading all about her.

  3. I'm so sorry, Linda. She does sound like a very sweet dog. It's so hard to lose a pet.

  4. She sounds like a sweet puppy princess...Thank you for sharing your memories of her with us. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  5. What a sweet doggie your little Kit Kat. Praying you will be comforted in this time of sorrow.

  6. She was obviously a very lucky doggie to have found such a loving home. I know you will miss her. What breed was she? She looks a lot like a rat terrier but I don't think that's an officially recognized breed that participates in shows.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose our furbabies. You were a great mom and that is why she was such a great dog.

  8. Oh Linda, I am so sorry, I hate that we have them for such a short time and then have to say goodbye. Take comfort in knowing she had a fabulous life with you. As I am typing this Sam is snuggled at the side of me on the settee, on the same seat, even though the rest of the settee is empty - he has to snuggle and be close. They leave such a big hole but give us such pleasure. ((hugs)) from France xxxxxxxx

  9. What a sweet post and memorial to Kit Kat. I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets really are part of our families, part of our lives.

  10. So sorry for your loss Linda, that's a hard one because they are such a big part of the family. Kit Kat was well loved! Big bear hugs, Jo

  11. I'm so sorry that you have lost your perfect pet but it sounds as though you have some wonderful memories of her.

  12. Linda I am so sorry. She sounds like she was a perfect and sweet companion. What wonderful memories and cute pictures to treasure xx

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I have recently lost a dog. I know that feeling of remembering the little things that made him special.

  14. I am sorry for your loss....but it sounds like you and KitKat had a wonderful life together. Hugs