Thursday, August 1, 2013

Great Times & Aug Goals

Does this happen to you?  I think I'm going to post - but first I read a blog and then another and another, 2 hrs later, I don't have time to write my post!

So we took a little trip to Las Vegas.  We met went my husband's family and had a great time. We stayed here:
I have always wanted to stay at the Flamingo - just because it's so pretty.  The have the most beautiful pools.  And the rooms had just been redone.  And best of all they had the most comfortable bed.  
View from our room on the 20th floor. You can see one of at least five pools.
We ate lunch when we first got there at a pizza place in the hotel - next to the ponds with Koi fish, turtles, birds and other wild life. Oh and the pizza was Fabulous! It was so good we hit that spot again.

This pool below was my favorite. Can you see the Flamingo fountains?
Here's a close up.
 Mostly we ran around and had a good time.  My sister in law wanted to go to Ross. I didn't, but to be nice I went with her.  (Wow it was a great store and I bought a purse!)
We met a woman that had tons of clothes in her shopping cart. We got to talking and she said when things are bad she shops. Yikes! By the looks of her basket she was having a doosey of a day!  In reply I just ran over and hugged her.
She started crying.  (Yikes! I didn't expect that!)
After some encouragement and reminders about God being the one to look to, she went off much happier and with only one dress.  
(Don't Tell the Ross People they may not let me back in the store!)

Wait, wasn't I going to write about August Goals?  Okay.  I'll cover what I did in July in another post. 

Did you want to see the purse?
Nothing special 
Except the inside!
I love those dots!  It is a nice purse - very soft and lots of pockets.

August Goals
1. Finish those BOM's that I haven't worked on in the last two months.
2.   Work on the Christmas Stocking. 

I think that's it.  I have to go up to Oregon in August.  Also I have some vacation time I must take, so we may go to the Grand Canyon.  

Happy Stitching

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  1. As a matter of fact, quite often when I sit down with the intent to wirte a blog post, or look up something, I start reading blogs, and next thing I know, it's bedtime. You're touring all the places I want to visit - Oregon, the Grand Canyon, and Vegas. Keep those pictures coming!!

  2. I wish I could go to Oregon. I love that state and all the people in it. Well, at least the ones I have met.
    What part of CA are you from? I live just south of San Francisco along the coast.
    Love that purse by the way.

  3. Great pic's of Vegas. Hope you enjoy your first time at FNWF... so see you there! :)

  4. Cool purse. Yeah, that happens to me a lot. I don't feel like blogging, so I sit and read blogs instead. I'm enjoying yours right now. :-)