Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Friday Night Sewing - August

On Friday Night I did sew. 
I also have been having internet problems and haven't been able to post.
We have the Cable Guy coming out today.
(Do you think he'll tell us some jokes?)

Oh my! I had so much fun sewing away on Mark's Stocking.
It went from this: 

To this: (Sorry for picture quality - it was late at night)

In the middle of all that sewing I had some cuties show up at my house.
We got out the donut maker
and made some donuts. It took hardly any time with all this help!
Really aren't they cute?
Scarlett (far left) Me, Troy and Violet

Wait - Don't go.  I have one last picture
I think I should call this picture

Or maybe...
"Hurry, take the picture I want to eat this Donut!"

Happy Stitching,


  1. True story...they are adorable. And they look like a lot of fun to have around.
    The stocking is coming along nicely!

  2. You are an AWESOME Grandma! You made nice progress on your stocking. Will it be finished this Christmas?

  3. They are certainly gorgeous little kidletts...and that grin from Troy...he'll have me smiling all day.Well done on your Friday night sewing.

  4. Oh my gosh Linda. Your stocking is just gorgeous. Mark is very lucky. What fun to have your grandchildren to surprise you. The doughnuts look good.

  5. Great work !! What an awesome machine !! A doughnut maker !!!