Friday, August 23, 2013

Up-Styling My Chairs

A little up-styling was needed on my dining room chairs.
I've had the fabric for a while - remember when Walmart discontinued their fabrics?  Well, I bought enough to recover my chairs. However, I just dreaded doing the job. 

I waited until the cushions were not longer cushy - they needed the foam replaced. And I waited so long they had holes! Oy Vey!
Is that bad or what?
So one day while on vacation I flipped those chairs over, unscrewed the bottoms, cut the foam and stapled fabric to them. (I used 2 1/2 inch foam - So comfy!)

Wow what a difference! 
Do you like it?  I love it! 
And BIG BONUS - the new upholstery goes well with my bar stools which I bought several years after buying the fabric.

I've been working on the Santa Stocking, I'll show you that later.
I haven't been sewing - just having fun with the family. 

Happy Stitching,


  1. You've done a beautiful job on the chairs. I have a small stool that needs to be recovered, perhaps I could send it to you? I know it will be easy, I just have to DO IT!!

  2. Very cool! What kind of cushion did you use to replace the worn out stuff? This is a great diy project.