Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Really? It's been that long since I post?

Oh I've been having fun and some not so fun times lately.  

So do you want me to tell you the good stuff first or the bad stuff?
The bad stuff?  Yeah, cause that's a bit more gossipy.

Well, I was eating lunch at Carl's Jr. , there was a big "BANG" noise, then someone came running in shouting "Who own a black car?"

Uhh...That would be me. 
 I ran (as in, I dropped my lunch and RAN outside.) Someone had just "hit and run" on my car.

No one was able to get the license - I'm telling you that gal sped away FAST !

So some good news - we could use a little of that right?
Mark and I took a motorcycle ride

We rode

 Up the canyon 
I love the way the canyon looks with those huge boulders.

And these sheer rock wall.

There's a beautiful river that runs the length of the canyon. 

On the way back to town we saw hundreds of oil pumps. 
They are all over this part of the county.  I love them. 

After the ride we sat down for lunch, I turned around and here's what I saw.
Mark bringing me a beer.  What a guy!

And this picture is for Sunny.  One day in the comments she told me to go jump in my pool. She meant it in a good way - really she did.
That's me making that splash.

Do you see all those boulders around my pool?  They came from the canyon we were riding in.
My grandmother and I used to go climbing in the canyon.  She would quote scriptures as we went, such as "The skies declare the glory of God and the earth showeth his handiwork."  Psalms 19:1
So having these boulders in my back yard brings me a lot of happiness. 

Well, enough for today.
Happy stitching or perhaps splashing!



  1. I love your bathing suit! LOL! It looks so cool and refreshing. and your bike ride looks like a lot of fun. I'd have to stop for a hundred pictures. Is your car okay to drive? Sorry it was hit. That causes a lot of inconvenience that you didn't deserve.

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful ride..
    Sorry to hear about your car. That also happened to me and it is very frustrating.....
    Nice pool and it looks very cool.

  3. That made me laugh! It sounded like you had brought the boulders back with you on the motorbike!! Looks like you had a fab time. Sorry to hear about your car, what a coward driving off, shame on them! Hugs x

  4. Oh gosh , not such good news about your car :-( but great news about your ride - it looks like a beautiful place. Funny, I just saw something on TV recently showing oilfields like your photo - I had no idea they would look like that, rows and rows of 'pumps'. Your pool looks awesome with the boulders - happy summer to you!

  5. So sorry about your car, Linda! What beautiful pictures, and what a great hubby to bring you a beer and take you for that wonderful ride! Your pool is gorgeous, so refreshing! Hugs :0)!!

  6. So sorry about your car! That sucks! I haven't blogged in forever. Glad you had a fun ride. That Mark buy is a pretty good guy! :-) I'm starting to think I need to trade my scooter in for a motorcycle.