Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Stitching and My New Addition

Surprise, Surprise!!  I'm working on quilting the Flying Geese Quilt.'s the proof! 

This really is one of my favorite pictures.  I like the way the geese are flying off my sewing machine. LOL!!

 I have the geese about 1/2 way done - and then I'll start quilting the gold and borders.  I'm just working on it little by little - after all I don't need it till winter time.

And in the back, on the ironing board is the Christmas Tree Wall-hanging.  Can you believe it, I'm actually working on it too!
A few more beads - and a good ironing and I'll be ready to quilt this one too! 
Thanks to A Left Handed Quilter I've turned my wrong blocks right side up.  
(Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction!)

And here's my new addition.  I'm so excited about this:
I needed a new skillet and I found this yellow one at WalMart.  
Look at how nicely it goes in my kitchen.
They had them is a bunch of different colors. 

Mark actually asked me it I wanted a black pan - WHAT??  How could he even think that? 
Life is too short for black pans.  LOL!

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. I want a yellow skillet! I'm going to WalMart tomorrow to get my very own. Love the geese flying off your sewing machine. And the Christmas pattern is very nice. Aren't you the ambitious one!!

  2. You have been busy----be sure to show you flying geese quilt when it's finished. Everyone needs color in their kitchen, for me I can't get enough red.

  3. I LOVE that geese quilt! Love love love it! Your Christmas quilt is gorgeous too, gosh I want to come play in your sewing room. Great new skillet - why don't I have a yellow one!

  4. Your geese are just great!! I am so proud of are Getting em' done!! We can get our UFOs done :):):) Great job Sweets!! hugs

  5. What an adorable wallhanging! And congrats on getting to the geese...they look great.

  6. Good job on your quilt! Looking good! I love the geese flying off your machine, too. Your Christmas block is so awesome as well.

  7. The yellow pan is cute, but I am loving your pot holders hanging up. =)

  8. I really like your flying geese quilt at your sewing machine. The sunlight coming through the window shining on the quilt is so pretty. Beautiful Quilt and great picture!

  9. Love the YELLOW skillet - and the RED pot! And the matching pot holders on the wall! Your Geese look great, too! Not to mention your Christmas Tree Wallhanging - glad to have helped with the "directions" - ;))