Friday, May 11, 2012

Practice Feathers

I decided last night to practice some quilting so that I can get Mark's Flying Geese quilt quilted.

I took some white fabric and drew out some triangles - to reflect Mark's geese. And then tried my hand at some feathers.  WhooHoo!  I haven't tried feathers in a LONG time. My first ones were muck! Then I practiced on paper (several months ago) and this one my first attempt last night. 
I think this will do - I'll probably quilt some scrolly stuff around the geese.  His quilt is pinned and laying on the ironing board just waiting for me. 

Speaking of scolly stuff...Mark and I went to the quilt store and we saw a book on quilt motifs.  It was nice - I'm thinking I'll go back to purchase it.  But in the meanwhile, Mark showed me his wrought iron book he uses for his wrought iron fences. It's filled with all kinds of wrought iron scrolls.  He told me he would love to go buy me the book of scrolls at the quilt shop. LOL!!  I thought that was funny he called the book of motifs a book of scrolls.  

On my walk today.  I saw the cutest little mushrooms or maybe they are toadstools. They are so tiny and cute!
I hope you all are finding beauty in things around you.  

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. Lovely feathers and scrolls!! Yes, get the book - it sounds wonderful. Love the little mushrooms, keep a watch out for fairies in the evening!

  2. What a nicey post! And what a nicey husband. My dh doesn't give me any grief, but he certainly doesn't have any interest, either. Have a great weekend, scrolling along.

  3. Your feathers are so beautiful! Scrolls are good! I love that!

  4. Your feathers are looking good! I really need to have ago again, since I first did them I haven't tried again.... just in case it was a fluke!!! Hugs

  5. Hi, Linda. Really liked your kick and the pants quilt--very lovely. Those feathery things are going to look so good on the geese. I've been thinking of doing a geese quilt, but I'm afraid the geese will be wild geese--all over the place!
    best, nadia

  6. I love the feather quilting! so pretty. I just started free motion quilting and it's so fun and so much faster!! Of course, it will be awhile before my stitches are really straight. The mushrooms are cute. Have a great weekend!

  7. Your feathers are great! I like the looks of the scrolls also. I tried stars last night. I need a little more practice or maybe a lot more practice!

  8. Those feathers are going to be great in the geese and the scrolls is a good idea too. Love the funny from the previous post!

  9. Your quilting is looking marvellous!! The feathers are great!!!