Friday, May 4, 2012

May Goals

I've been thinking about what to list for my May Goals.  I love lists - as long as I get something crossed off on them. If I don't then I think lists are horrid little things.

So I've finished my Kick in the Pants quilt.  I would love to start quilting on it but I've been having problems doing that.  First, Mark's back has been hurting so I haven't ask him to pin my quilt. Second, I've been falling asleep at 7:00 each night. It's really hard to quilt when you are snoring.  Hehehe!!
KitKat snoozes with me.  She's a dog after my own heart.
# 1 item on my list:  Quilt - Kick in the Pants
# 2 item: Quilt - Mark's Flying Geese
For my next items I would like to do something different than a quilt.  Do you get in  those moods too?

# 3 Item:  I would like to sew up a blouse for me.  I don't have a pattern or fabric yet.

# 4 Item:  Sew something up to go along with my niece's wedding gift. Either pillows or an apron or pillowcases, something fun.

And lastly, # 5 finish up my Christmas Wall hanging.
I'll be doing the sew along with small projects with Crazy Mom Quilts

Happy Stitching,
Nicey Linda


  1. I love your little Christmas Wall Hanging - but it looks to me like the middle four blocks on your top border are going the wrong way - ?? - ;))

  2. Oh yeah, I see that now. I must have sewn them on upside down! Well, I'll be. I guess I'll have to fix that. Thanks!!!

  3. Yep, can't sew while sleeping, lol! 7pm is early! I love all of your projects!

  4. Great List! I can't wait to see all you do!

  5. All those projects sound good--
    but remember--have some fun tooooo!!!
    and sometimes one just needs more sleep--
    than at other times!!!!
    Have a fun week end--
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  6. What great projects Linda.
    Love the "Kick in the Pants" quilt.

  7. I hate lists, I never keep to them and then get depressed! I have to get things done...I haven't done any sewing for 4 days! FOUR days!!! We had three good days of weather so we were in the garden trying to catch up, sprayed everything in sight with weed killer......and then it rained, I give up! Hugs xx

  8. The quilts look great and early bed times sounds lovely!!
    I like that you have a blouse on your list without pattern or fabric - have fun picking them!! :)

  9. Love all your projects, NL! Esp. Kitkat! So cute. Happy Weekend! xo

  10. That flying geese quilt is a beauty!

  11. That's a good list. I'm having trouble committing to anything. Too much going on to do so. LOL.