Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UFO Goals for 2012

Wow!  Can it really be that time again? Time for Judy's 2012 UFO Challenge!

Well, last year I only finished 3 of my UFO's.  Yep, only 3 out of 12.  And I'm thrilled with those 3!  So I'm playing with Judy again this year.

#1 Angela's Purple and Black Quilt 
    There's a good chance I could finish this one

#2 Homey Prints Quilt
     This was the first BOM I did at my LQS. I had no idea
      back then how to set blocks. Now I have a clue what to do.
#3 Christmas Tree Wall Hanging.
     Yeah, what can I say...I didn't finish it this Christmas.  Maybe by next Christmas.
#4 Brown and Purple Fat Qtr Quilt
     This is a fun and easy little quilt.  I should be able to finish this.
Now for the quilts that are pieced and need to be quilted
#5 Batik Jewels 
#6 Lisbeth's Garden
#7  30's Quilt
      This was another one of those BOM's at my LQS. This was the first time I put my BOM into a setting,  turning a bunch of blocks into a quilt. (well almost a quilt)

#8 Green Bunny Hill

I'll list 8 because some will take more than a month.  Okay, Okay the truth is because I'm not going to finish more than 8 anyway!  LOL!!

I really enjoyed the challenge last year.  I hope you will join Judy at Patchwork Times.  

Merry Christmas,


  1. You have so many lovely quilts in the works! Good luck finishing your eight projects.

  2. Good idea to take pictures! Mine are such a mess, I'm happy the bits and pieces are all inside a plastic bag. I don't dare open them!

  3. Those are great quilts. I bet you get more done that you think. And congrats on finishing the ones you did last year!!

  4. Hey Linda-- Yes, I was looking for something that would give me the ump to finish up some projects. So I am going to join you on this UFO challenge. Thanks for sharing...heres to hoping you get all 8 done! GO!! LINDA!! GO !!.....Go.. LINDA....GO!!! You can do it!! Hugs

  5. Good Luck getting them all done! And I think it's great that you can be realistic about what you can and can't get done. It's better to have goals we can reach. I look forward to seeing your progress through the year!

  6. Your quilts are beautiful! I can't wait to see your progress!

  7. That was fun to see all your UFO projects for 2012. My fave is the 30's quilt...beautiful!

  8. Oh Linda, you've got some lovely projects to finish up for 2012! What a pleasure it will be for you to finish up these gorgeous quilts!! :)

  9. You just might finish all 8, wouldn't that be awesome? You've got a lot of great projects and I'll be looking for your progress!

  10. I really like the purple and black quilt. Also like the stiped triangles in the border of the Christmas tree quilt. I look forward to seeing those finished.

  11. What pretty projects you have in store for next year - and if you get all 8 of those finished you'll be rockin' girl LOL! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  12. Any done is all good I say! And I too have a lot of finished tops that need quilting--here's hoping that makes them just that much easier to get done.

    Love, love, love the 30'squilt and the prairie points. And the Homespun blocks? Not a UFO--they needed to "simmer" for a while until you got some ideas for a setting. Only now are they are ready to shine and get done.

    I think your eight will be great!

  13. Hey Linda, I did my UFO post...come see !! Hugs

  14. Haha! I think you did better than I did! I can't even start thinking about listing my UFOs for next year yet. Too overwhelmed.

  15. You have some beautiful quilts to play with this year! Looking forward to seeing them again.