Monday, December 12, 2011

Flying Geese Book & Ruler by Eleanor Burns Review

Oh I have something so exciting to tell you.  I'm practically jumping up and down because I can hardly wait to tell you this is just so neat!!

Do you all know who Eleanor Burns is?

She's the one that came up with the "Quilt in a Day" concept.  Okay, for those that may not know, there was a time when quilter's used scissors and templates, a very slow and time consuming process.  Using Eleanor's unique methods, quilts can now be made in a fraction of the time and possibly in a day, hence the name Quilt in a Day.   

I was asked by Quilt in a Day if I would like to review a book and ruler.   I jumped at the chance!  (Can you believe that?  How exciting!!)  But that's not the most exciting part - it's actually using the ruler.   It's so fun!

They sent me free of charge: 

And the flying geese ruler. (Rulers come with a complete set of instructions. Yay!)

Large Flying Geese picture shamelessly taken from "Quilt in a Day". 

I bought (separately, and unbeknownst to the Quilt in a Day folks) the mini flying geese ruler.  It also includes this niffy fussy cut ruler, which should come in very handy.

Mini Flying Geese and fuzzy cut rulers with instructions.

I thought it would be fun to have Hubby make a flying geese quilt using the book and large ruler. He is a babe in the woods when it comes to sewing and quilting.   In the meantime, I would make one using the mini ruler set.  

Now for the Review: 

Oh my gosh, this is the easiest quilting book I've read.  The instructions are so easy to follow with plenty of pictures and photos.  There are pictures or photos for each step.  I like that she just has simple step by step of instructions, not lengthy paragraphs to wade through.  

Flying Geese Quilt in a Day book has quite a few different Flying Geese quilts (I didn't count them) which includes yardage amount charts for each quit in the book for each size quilt, crib, lap, twin, queen and king.  Yay! Super easy to figure out.  Let me tell you, this was great when I was at the quilt store and slightly confused because my husband kept adding fabric after fabric to the basket. :-)

I was so pleased Eleanor actually explains exactly how to cut the fabric.  So nice for teaching hubby.   
He Cut

He sewed

He made flying geese!!
And lickity split using the mini flying geese set I did too!
These mini ones are the cutest darn little things!
I think I should have ironed those to make them look better. 
 The mini set makes 4 different sizes, the large two different sizes. 

I'm totally impressed with the book. I really liked that the rulers are so clear for viewing the fabrics while squaring up the geese, the "geese" lines are easy to see.  I've made flying geese many different ways, and I must say this is the most fun I've ever had making geese.  

Hubby had a blast making these and can't wait to make more. 

That's what it's all about right?  Having Fun!!  

Hubby is working on one of the quilts from the Flying Geese book - there are several nice ones that he wanted to make and I'll show you his process as he goes. 

Quilt in a Day did not ask me to give them a positive review.  Only to review the book and ruler.    Thanks Quilt in a Day!  Ya'll Rock!!!

Update:  At the request of Kim C.  I have added the link for Quilt in a Day



  1. I have 3 of her books and love them. Good for beginners and experienced quilters.

  2. I am so happy for you Linda! What an honor! You did a wonderful review, I love that your hubby jumped right in there! I don't own any of her books but, I may have to look around for this one! Do they have a website maybe? It would be great for your review etc.if you put a link from your blog to that as well! So very happy for you, and great job! Kim C

  3. I have know Eleanor Burns since she came to the store that I was managing in Glendora back in 1981. We began to teach her mothods and that was my first experience with quilting. I went on to go to her week-long retreats in San Marcos and went with the same group of women for nine years. So much fun, Her directions are the best.

  4. Great review! I've seen those rulers in my LQS but not the book. I wondered how they worked. Now I know! Thanks.

  5. Cool! What a great opportunity for you. :o) Love that your husband is your demo-man. :o)

  6. I only found out who she was a few months ago. I have downloaded a few of her videos and patterns and have just done Buckeye Beauty. I have never used those rules but I have been looking at them thanks for the review. x

  7. How exciting for you! =D Your hubby did a great job!

  8. That's so awesome!! It looks like a fun book - I have her Egg Basket quilting book. She's a great teacher (and evidently, so are you)!! :)

  9. Great review, and how exciting for you! How are you ever going to get all your quilting tools back from your hubby! LOL. I've seen Eleanor use this, and I actually own one, but I haven't had time to use it yet. LOL. Story of half the stuff in my sewing room! Nicely done!