Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time for a change

Oh my!  I was getting tired of looking at those little chicks on my header - I think they are cute and go with the title "little bits and pieces"  but it's just time for a change.  So I picked this picture.  Not that I'm trying to brag about this baby quilt.  I just like how Violet is trying her best to look at it and Neptune is longing for the quilt to be hers.  Neptune is a great dog.  Except she likes to lick the kids faces - yuk!  Of course I don't blame her, the kids faces are at her face level and sometimes they have chocolate, or peanut butter and jelly or some other good thing smeared around their months.  I suppose I should be thankful - she keeps them clean.  And the kids don't usually mind. 

She has also taught the kids to eat at the table.  Yep, she's a good teacher.   If they are at ground level with food, Neptune gobbles it up! 


  1. Hi Linda:

    I love the new's perfect!

  2. That's cute. I love dogs. Can't blame Neptune for being a dog! :-)

    I think your header is really cute. Violet is a "little bit," so it still works! Very cute.

  3. Cute photo of your online festival entry on your header.