Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Sew-in results

I admit this doesn't look like much, but I'm so happy with what I accomplished. 

For your viewing pleasure - picture #1

Oh, you don't know what this is?  It's the top to Scarlett's Christmas dress.  I just love this fabric.  Can you see the shinny?  It's the sparkles in the dress.

And picture #2 is the top to Violet's Christmas dress.  I still have to do the top-stitching and sleeves.  But it's getting there!  This fabric is all sparkly too.  Just what little girls love.  (And grandmas too!)

And then here's the skirt portion for Violet's dress. (inside out still)

And here's mistake #1 .  After I finished sewing the front and back panels together I noticed a big whopping difference!!  See how the front and the back of the skirt are different lenghts?  Well, I cut the front a size 3 and the back a size 5.  Now how did I think that was going to work?  Being the smart gal I am,  I decided to wait until morning to do any more cutting. 

I also spent time last night taking my daughter and her friend to a concert (one hour) and then picking them both back up  (another hour) and then Hubby wanted to buy some cereal.  Well, that sounded like a nice break so we went to the store and bought all the groceries we need for Thanksgiving. (another hour). 

You can see why I'm pleased with the what I accomplished since I lost 3 hours doing other stuff.

I hope everyone had a good Friday sewing.  I'm off to see what others did.



  1. I love the fabric you got for this dress. So what size did you need to cut? I hope it is the three so you didn't lose too much fabric!

  2. I agree..the fabric is just wonderful!

  3. i hope we'll get to see the girls in their dresses! that is very pretty fabric, and I'm sure they'll be thrilled.

  4. Looking good! That's something I hope to accomplish this weekend, too...sewing a dress for my daughter. Gotta go fabric shopping. Was hoping to do it today, but got stuck cleaning the garage and going through boxes. Maybe tomorrow! When I start making cutting mistakes like that, that's when I know it is time for a break for me, too! :-)

  5. What pretty little girls they're going to be in their sparkly dresses.