Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov and Dec Goals for Charming Girls

I know what I need to get done.  Quilt those I-Spy quilts for my granddaughters for Christmas.  These will be so much fun to quilt.  

And sew up that needle case I talked about last month.  Last night I already started working on it.  See? 

I used felt for the inside, 4 pages.  And a snap to close it. So far so good!  I plan to embroider the type of needle for each page - Sharps, Embroidery, Ribbon etc.  Won't it be nice and functional?

And I'm thinking about getting this quilt - quilted.  Doesn't it look like will be fun?

Oh and let's not forget Val's BOM.  Will I ever finish this block?


  1. I love your little needle case! Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on to be quilted. Can't wait to see them and what you do with them!

  2. Love those I-Spy quilts! You've got lots to keep you busy -- have fun! :)

  3. You are going to be a very busy girl! I love that last quilt. What is it? I need to add it to my list. And I need to add a needle keeper to my list. and I need to add...... Good luck!

  4. Love the I Spy quilts. Your grandkids are sure to love them:)

  5. I spy quilts and kids - great combo. You have a simplified list of goals - looks like you have family and me time planned, but not listed.

  6. Good luck with your goals! That large quilt is just beaitful!