Friday, October 1, 2010

Pumpkin Biscuits

Oh remember those sweet potato biscuits of Judy's from Patchwork Times?  They were so yummy!   I decided to try Pumpkin Biscuits.  Now these were really good!  I used canned pumpkin and a pinch of cloves and nutmeg and a couple shakes of Cinnamon. I also made them as rolled out biscuits. 

Whew!  Were they ever more work than dropped biscuits! The drop biscuits were more moist (because of my error of adding a bit too much milk) and I liked that better. But I like the pumpkin better.  However the  rest of the family liked the sweet potato biscuits better.  So the Contest of the Biscuits is on!  So I'm going to remake these Pumpkin Biscuits as drop biscuits and see which ones win.


  1. Linda, if you want to send me a couple of each, I'll be happy to vote on which is the best!

  2. Awesome! That sounds yummy! I think I will love them all!

  3. Darn it, Sunny got there before me. I was going to volunteer to do that! Perhaps you'd like 2 judges. Or if not, please could I have the recipe for the pumpkin ones. I might well make those as my snack during next Saturday's Christmas Quiltalong Day.