Sunday, October 3, 2010

A fabulous Win From Sew Picture Perfect and home improvements

Jodi from Sew Picture Perfect had a give-a-way: the cutest potholder, a little notebook (perfect for keeping track of quilting designs and notes) and some apple scented soap and lotion.

Of course I was so thrilled to find out I WON!! And now I have to show you all how perfect these potholders look in my kitchen. I've never had a desire to put anything above my store, until I saw these. Look how beautiful they are!  Wouldn't you agree they were just meant to be placed there?

Thanks so much Jodi! This is the best home improvement of the week!
Here's our next project.  Is this an eye sore or what?  Pool pumps really can be.  And now that the block wall is up, it's super noticeable.

So hubby is now bringing out the supplies we will need to enclose this eye sore with some nice white fencing.  YEA!

As you can see the inspectors are out making sure these are the correct supplies. 



  1. Pretty potholders! I've never won anything. And you've been very busy in the home improvemnt business. What's next on the list?

  2. Those pot holders do belong there for sure!
    Its looks like your baby in the last photo is trying to eat your lumber. Silly JRT!
    I should have a video of Lucky snorting like a pig in no time - now that he is healed from his surgery, he is oinking all the time. I just haven't had the camera next to me and when I try to get it, he stops rolling and follows me. Silly little sausages!

  3. Oh congrats on your win Linda! Those are SO cute! Love what you did with them - and the white fence is going to look great!