Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Washing Machine

Well, it finally happened. Our washing machine just died. No warning. Just late one night nothing - it was dead. This ought to be sad news.
But there's just no point in being upset as this seems to happen every decade or so. So hubby, being the man of action that he is, did the research and purchased one before I even had a chance to look. This is fine with me - we pretty much agree on most stuff. All I knew is that it had to be white - as the dryer is white. Then I was thinking a front loader might be nice and Wala...that's what he bought.

One of the salesmen told him that wives are so happy with the new machine they wash everything in the house and love doing the laundry each week. Was that a hint for me to start doing it? Hahaha!! Such a good joke!!!



  1. Hahaha! Enjoy doing laundry each week, and wash everything in the house. He's delusional! But you can enjoy the first load or two while you're trying it out.

  2. Ha, yes that is a good joke! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and good luck on your exam and papers.