Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A bit of History

Kelly has asked about our quilting history.

My first almost quilt – because I threw it away before finishing it – was started my senior year of high school. It was an applique quilt of butterflies. But my step-grandmother said I was including the selvage and it was all wrong and blab, blab blab. What’s the purpose of continuing to make a wrong quilt? So the trash can seemed the best answer.

Many years later I took a class at the LQS, Strawberry Patches and made this twin size quilt. It is totally worn out and I would like to make another Christmas Quilt. (Maybe this year?)

I loved quilting and started another quilt – only the big “D” word got in my way. Going through a Divorce really sucked the life out of my creative side. I soon met and married, Hubby and had another baby and that sucked all the spare time out of my life. (Funny how that happens!) So ten years later I started on this queen size quilt again. Hence the name: “My 10 year Quilt”.

Only it took 3 more years for me to finish it up. I love this quilt. I don’t care that it’s ugly. I don’t care that the expert quilter said my tips are bad and made a face. Honestly they don't look bad to me.

Next my daughter and I designed a “Seven Year Quilt”. She was six at the time but I told her it would take a year for me to finish it so we might as well give it the right name to begin with. And yes she turned seven before I gave it to her.

After that, I took several BOM programs at my local quilt shop – someday those blocks may become a quilt. But that was not the purpose of making them. It was to just enjoy sewing and meeting people at my local quilt shop. (I was actually learning a lot about how to piece a quilt.)

I went to a quilt show and fell in love with this fan quilt. I bought it as a kit and it was my introduction to MODA!! This one was completed in 1 1/2 months. Wow finally getting that piecing down from years to months!! This was quilted by a longarm quilter who only says kind things about quilts. Thank goodness!!
Okay and now for my favorite quilt - It's my Hubby's King Size BB2. We had so much fun shopping for fat quarters together. He helped laying the blocks out and even helped sew on the binding (without my permission!!!) He did an okay job so I didn’t rip it out – how mean would that have been? I would have turned into one of those quilt police!! Yikes.

Then I found the Internet and blogs and I quickly found Kelly. I love her blog, and joined Charming Girls and Guys.

She helped light the fire under me and I finished up a quilt that had been cut out and sitting in my dinning room for 2 years!!! My “Batik Jewels”. (Which I forgot to take a picture of. ) I also started my own blog and that’s been fun because I’m getting to know all you bloggers and quilters. And you people are great!!!



  1. Wonderful history! Thanks for sharing. All your projects are great. I say, if it's a quilt it is a great quilt!

  2. Oh Linda - what a wonderful journey! Full of ups and downs like all of us, but so sweet! I think your quilts are beautiful - and I especially like the ones you made for your daughter and your hubby! And, I'm so glad we met - and that you have this blog so we can share in the journey together!!!

  3. How great this post is! I love learning how people get into quilting! Shame on your step-grandmother, though!

    Just a question: How can you say your 10 year quilt is ugly??? I think it looks absolutely lovely! And some bad tips just shows it's hand made :o)

    Your Hubby's quilt is so cool - and how sweet of him helping with the binding - awwww! ;o)