Monday, May 10, 2010

Washing Machine Day

Okay today is the day! The washing machine supposed to be delivered.

Only - hubby called and the store said "No, there's a problem. And it will be delievered Friday. But then again that Hubby of mine often teases me. So I don't know if the machine is coming or not. LOL!!

So I'll just think about something else. Not about the handwashing I have to do if that machine doesn't show up today.

Here's my next I Spy quilt for granddaughter Scarlett.

This snapshot does not show the true colors. The Pink is a bright pink with silver and the cream sashings are really silver. These are just the squares layed out not sewed together yet. But to be honest with you, I don't really like this quilt so far, it seems rather dull. sigh. What's a grammy to do? Any idea?

And I just got another call from Hubby saying he did some hand washing...hmmm...Does that mean I'm really not getting that washer today? I getting the feeling he's not teasing me.



  1. Hummm--can you make blocks out of the blocks and then add lattice/border to the blocks in something really bright like another pink-and then sew it together????? I am not a grammy--so not much help--my two babies (42 & 34) have decided not to give me any grand babies~!
    that is why I am up for adoption--nothing to hold me in one place??
    Hugs, Di--oh I do like the quilt you are doing--it will all come together for you!!

  2. that's a thought Di, and it would add more color, which is what this quilt needs. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I like it! But, if you want to add more color, I'm with Di, that would be really cute, or you could add a purple, or maybe that's the pink? border to bring out that color.
    Either way, I'm sure your granddaughter will ♥ it because you made it for her! ☺