Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Showing our Stash (or in my case MESS)

Oh poor Kelly, of Charming Chatter, was so embarrassed showing her stash but she has a great friend Polly to jump in and help her out. Polly, of Aunt Polly's Porch, has a nice neat stash that she shared, and has challenged us to share ours.
Okay - you asked for it! Kelly no way will you be embarrassed when you see my mess! This is truly embarrassing. I hate to walk into my sewing room. For my birthday (or Mother's Day) my daughter said she would come help me clean up this room.

Warning this is TERRIBLE!!!

But first I just want to say this is totally out of character for me. I'm usually fairly neat and organized. It's the curse of fabric - it makes you buy it, admire it, play with it all the while causing a disorienting mess.

Do you see this? My sewing room also doubles as a play room, nursery, computer room and catch all for empty boxes we might need later (but of course we never do - UNLESS we throw it out).

See that computer? It doesn't even work. I always put up the iron and my mat/cutter when the grandkids come to play, as the toy box is right there under it. And that's a crib in the corner. Those are my quilt books and magazines all stacked.
Oh my gosh, I can barely stand to see the mess in these pictures! All those containers hold one quilt each (that way all the fabric is together when it comes time to start it).

And this next one is the start to getting this room organized. This hold all the scraps.
Each drawer holds a couple colors until I get another plastic drawer. My drawer of purples and blues.
And on the top is my BOM and bunny square. Inside that violet colored box is everything for the rest of the bunny squares. It's a "to-go" project.
And because my sewing room is such a mess - and because I love being with my family, I sew on top the dinning room table. Doesn't this look like a much better place to sew - and see all that light coming in behind me? This is my BabyLock Machine. LOVE IT!! It's a dream for me to sew on.
And hubby comes in and sits there and talks to me sometimes. Its kind of cool. From here I can see the TV. I like listening to the TV while sewing. (That's my daughter's boyfriend in the background - last night was the first time he's been over. He's really a neat guy. I see why she likes him.)

And this is my very first purchase I made when I started working (after buying a car). I love my Kenmore - it does my machine applique so neatly!!! I accidentally broke off the metal things that hold the thread on top of the machine. I use that tomato paste can to hold and control my thread. Works great!
Okay so now you've seen it. Did you know I didn't think had very much of a stash until I saw these pictures. How funny!! Oh Lisa, of Crafty Little Mama - you aren't as embarrassed over your room now are you?

I'll show after pictures when we get around to cleaning up this room.



  1. Oh you crack me up - I'm still giggling! I think we're always the hardest on ourselves! You've got a great stash there - lots of pretty things - and everything has a place! Love that you sew at the dining room table where you can be with family! Thanks so very much for sharing, and for the giggles Linda!

  2. Thanks Kelly for your comments. It is so much fun to see everyone's stash. Thanks for getting us started.

  3. The only bad thing about these posts is seeing how pathetic my little stash is. And I'm on a serious spending diet, so it's not likely to grow in the near future. I think you have a wonderful stash, and actually, your room looks a lot like mine. And your Kenmore is almost identical to the one I traded in a few months ago. I kinda miss it. Yet another thing that we have in common!

  4. Lol, if I showed my whole room I think I could keep up with you still ☺
    And Kelly is right, we are always hardest on ourselves, I love your stash! Being messy while quilting seems to be pretty normal anyway. I'll have to tell my hubby that, he makes fun of me because fabric tends to literally fly everywhere when I really get into sewing;-)