Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Isn't this just beautiful? This is Bridal Falls. We took several walking trails around Yosemite. There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground and of course my tennis shoes were soaked by the time we were finished. Small price to pay for such beauty. It was a blast. My hubby and daughter raced each other down the trail. I walked - thinking I would keep my shoes dry. But that didn't last too long and I soon racing down the hillside with them.

Some of the trails were paved. Here we (hubby and daughter) are walking with our dogs.

Here's a picture I snapped of the creek we were walking by.


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  1. Your trip to Yosemite looks like fun! I love going there. I live in Texas now, but I was born and raised in Orange County, CA.
    Good job with your new blog. Hope you have fun with your April projects for the CGQC.