Wednesday, April 28, 2010

California Poppies

This is my sis sitting in a field of poppies. We have some very pretty hills that are just full of flowers near our town. My sis and her friend went for a little drive to enjoy them and these are her pictures. Isn't she sweet to let me post them for everyone else to enjoy too. She assured us that she did not squish any flowers by sitting on them, and she didn't step on any as she walked out in the field. California is known for it's poppies. It is our state flower.

This next one is my favorite picture. I like how there are a couple poppies amoung the other flowers. I think sis does a good job of taking pictures.



  1. I wanta come live in Califi---I love all those flowers---such pretty colors--do they last all year--or only for a little while?????
    Love your I spy quilt too--great job!
    Hugs, Di

  2. The hills stay in color for a couple months - but it seems like they are in bloom for only a little while to me. There really are flowers everywhere all year long in people's yards and shopping centers. It really is lovely.