Friday, March 20, 2020

FNSI update

I've just been Frolicking along. 
You know I have a love/hate relationship with Frolic.
And right now I'm in the LOVE part.

I love sewing on this quilt. I've been putting the blocks together in rows and adding the thin sashing between the rows.
I did figure out that I measured some of the blocks in the sashing wrong. Yikes! So now I have quiet a few that I'll be ripping out, cutting and restitching. But at least I know what's wrong and why the blocks are not fitting together nicely.
I'll continue on for the rest of the evening then tomorrow I'll be helping Bruce re-organize and paint the garage.  What a job!  But I love him, so I'll willingly help him.  It's a good stay at home project. 

Have a blessed evening,


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the love/hate relationship with Frolic. I was the same and also did a lot of ripping]but now it's done I love it...
    I don't mind painting it the prep and clean up I don't like.....

  2. Frolic is looking good. At least you have sorted out the problem.

  3. Your Frolic pretty is looking gorgeous.

  4. That will be a really pretty quilt when you're finished.

  5. Frolic is looking great! I hate it when Philip says we have to tidy the garage lol. Have fun. xx

  6. Darn - don't you hate reverse sewing??? takes so long compared to the forward stuff!! Looking lovely!

  7. I'm enjoying watching your progress with Frolic. It sure helps to know what went wrong so it can be adjusted. Makes the sewing go so much smoother!

  8. At least you have found and solved the problem before it became too troublesome! Frolic is looking great x

  9. I am really, really loving your Frolic!!!! Too much piecing for me, but it sure makes my heart sing.