Friday, November 1, 2019

Cleaning Up

Our carpet is in!  The guys worked until 8:30 at night.
Yikes I bet they were tired
We have quite a bit of the furniture to put back into place
But not the sewing room yet - well, of course not as I'm switching the rooms.
So it doesn't look much better than before.
However! I'm not discouraged yet. I have motivation!
I want to do Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Frolic and I already told myself.  No sewing until this room is together.  
I don't know which furniture will stay in here, or how to organize it. 
My sewing machines are still in the garage with more sewing stuff.
So this is my plan for this weekend.  Now, I may cave in and doing some hand stitching after all it is Gone Sitchin' FNwF.

Have Fun Sewing,


  1. Will great to have a new sewing room....
    Pleased you are joining in for FnwFs , I'll join you.
    Hmm maybe I'll do another Bonnie Hunter Mystery??
    I did "On Ringo Lake " year before last...

  2. You certainly have a lot of organising to do.....have fun! I think a little sewing is an excellent idea....all work and no play is not good for anyone. =)

  3. Oh I think that after all that hard work you deserve a little soothing hand stitching. xx

  4. Good luck on putting your room together. I must warn you that it will be hard to remember where you put stuff when it's all put away, lol.

  5. Wonderful! Enjoy putting your room together - you may have to move things around a few times to get it just right. I move mine around weekly, lol. Every time I vacuum.

  6. Have fun putting your room together! x

  7. My focus is the bird image that you use for the blog header